Handmade silver bracelets


Etsy is one of my favourite places to go for a special and handmade gift. It’s shelves stock reams of original products from talented individuals around the world, which doesn’t leave you short for choice, but can make tracking down the perfect gift a time-consuming task! When it came to finding a unique gift for my three wonderful friends who took on bridesmaid duties at my wedding back in June, I spent a while shopping around. It is only when you are plunged into the deep depths of bridal planning when you realise just how vast the wedding business is – pages and pages of personalised mirrors, wine glasses, purses, make up bags, kimonos, sweets, jewellery, and all manner of knick knacks have been made available especially for your husband/parents/parents-in-law/siblings/wedding party/wedding guests/uninvited onlookers.

These cuff bracelets won top place for me. They are handmade with care and quality, have a subtle but sweet personalisation on the inside, and are something that not only satisfied my tastes, but were something I could see my right-hand women wearing too. These bracelets were bought from the UK based Glam and Co Jewellery. Due to a growing order book, there was a significant wait for these items, but that is to be expected for personalised, handmade goods. Beyond that, customer service was excellent, and my queries to the shop were answered quickly, even late into the evening!

Other items available from the shop include tie pins and money clips for the men in your life, as well as rings, necklaces and guitar picks.





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