A Lyme Regis weekend & bucket list


For the August bank hol, I was desperate to get to the sea. Life in central England has benefits, but seaside living isn’t one of them, and there’s no substitute. Cornwall is my dream location but a pain in the ass to get to when time is short, so we went two stops along to Dorset. It’s not somewhere I’ve seen a lot of, and is less trendy/expensive also, making it easier, and cheaper, and new!

I stayed with a couple of friends in Lyme Regis for 3 days. It’s a beautiful town, full of quirky and colourful houses. We happily spent a day and a half just exploring the place, poking around the bookshops, eating good food and playing miniature golf (and since you asked, yes I did win…).

We scrimped on accommodation (more on THAT STORY another time) in exchange for eating out, choosing to take a brunch, naughty lunch (ice cream or cake), and dinner out.

While the weather was crap (as per) this shouldn’t be a bummer unless you have unreal expectations (“no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing…”). A dabble in the sea is always necessary, even if you’re too chicken for a full submersion. There’s something so good for the soul about being close to the sea – invigorating when the wind and waves are up, calming when it’s flat and peaceful.

Lyme Regis Bucket List

  1. Fish and Chips on the beach. Get it in the evening, sit on the shore and enjoy the sunset. We had a glorious red one, made even more special by a candlelight festival that happened to be planned that evening.
  2. Walk round the Cobb to the Aquarium. The dodgiest, drug den of an aquarium I’ve ever seen (enter through the gift shop via a beaded curtain, beckoned by a man in the shadows). We decided not to pay for entry but still enjoyed this experience.
  3. Visit the Town Mill. We didn’t have time for a tour, and both times we tried the café was not open (who closes at 4pm on a Saturday??), but enjoyed seeing some of the pottery also made on site and the gallery attached.
  4. Window Shopping. There’s something about the seaside which seems to attract a great creative vibe – full of independent shops and homemade goods. My favourites were a little tucked away bookstore, a fudge shop with the friendliest owner, and all the places that stocked Magpie goods. I love that stuff!
  5. Climb the hill. Above the shore, there is a steep green hill, populated with a miniature golf course and woodland walk. These are both worthwhile activities, but if nothing else, just ascend and enjoy the view.
  6. The Town Mill Bakery. This was our breakfast stop on Day 2, and was a slightly unusual but wonderfully fresh change to a regular café. After pulling up a pew on one of the beautiful wooden benches, you can choose a sweet pastry (baked on site), toast your own toast (homemade – as is the Marmalade), and even boil your own egg. All very minimum fuss, maximum authenticity and taste. Highly recommend.
  7. Eat a Pasty. Always a must by the seaside.
  8. Find some live music. Another benefit of the creative scene. We stumbled across a lovely duo while having some cake in The French Lieutenant – unfortunately I didn’t catch their name.
















We also spent a day touring the local area – Weymouth, Chesil Beach, Portland… perhaps more on that another time.


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