An airbnb that wasn’t what I bargained for..


Airbnb is something that’s been more and more on my radar over the last few years – and once I finally gave in and browsed the site, I could see why it has caused such a commotion. So cheap! Such nice accommodation! So easy!

My first opportunity to use it came with the August Bank Holiday. I previously wrote about my trip to Lyme Regis with two friends. We’re not broke, but we weren’t too bothered about fancy accommodation either – after all, we didn’t plan to spend any more time in our room than is required to sleep and wake up. After taking some time browsing around, it was time to bite the bullet and just book something for goodness sake. I took one for the team and booked us a spot. It had a good location, nice reviews, and was £20 a night. Winner!

Driving down to Dorset from my home in Oxfordshire was a bit of a mere on a bank holiday Friday (thankfully my good friend Mo took that burden), so it was past 8pm by the time we arrived. Having gone “old school” with a map and a geography degree (no sat nav), we reached the final destination via a series of back routes and the odd wrong direction. Eventually we reached the road we were looking for. It wasn’t a long one, and it was chocka with B&B’s – but none with the right name. The closest option was The Clarondene Residential Home. Haha funny – imagine if we were staying in a residential home.

Turned out, we were staying in a residential home.

Given it was a converted residential home, if you use the term converted lightly. Authentic features remained, such as all the signs, emergency call buttons, hand sanitisers and disabled shower. After following signs to the main entrance, we were greeted by the owner, Alison. Alison was a lovely lady (apart from when she asked if my friend was “a complete idiot?” for not realising this was the B&B and not a residential home). We were greeted with two small dogs (cute), one of which joined us as we were shown into our room, and chose a spot by the bed to eat his dog biscuit, leaving a small pool of dog saliva and crumbs (not so cute).

The windows were wide open and it was freezing. Unfortunately the radiator had been disconnected because it was leaking. A plastic beaker was left under it (“don’t worry!” laughed Alison, “it’s not there because it leaks – it’s just there in case it does leak!”). Towels were provided, although with the assumption that the user would be the size of a small child. The room was adequate, it had three beds. It came with an air freshener, which was handy because it smelt of wee.

At the end of the day, it gave us a good night’s rest, and cost only £202 for 3 people, 3 nights, over a bank holiday weekend. And it made for a good story!

Alison was actually a very nice lady, and it sounds like she gave the care home her all, and hasn’t had an easy ride. The location was very good, and I actually slept really well (the room was warm by the morning!!), so if you do want to give it a try – hit it up here (other rooms also available).

Moral of the story: book wisely with airbnb


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