Hotel Review: Corinna Mare, Crete


Let it be known that I HATE booking hotels. I am indecisive, I am a cheapskate, I am non-committal. In a typical scenario, I can spend five hours searching through TripAdvisor and my only outcome is 30 different options which all turn out to be null because I then discover I’ve been searching in complete the wrong area. Or it turns out that the hotel is actually an old people’s home.

Fortunately my husband has magical powers. He is decisive, he is a spender, he is quick to commit (I like to think that instead of personality clashes, these differences will result in us having a wide and all-encompassing skillset between us). He is good at finding and booking hotels. This here is a case in point.

The Corinna Mare hotel is based in Kalamaki, the outskirts of Chania, Crete, where we stayed earlier this summer. This location is pretty ideal – more relaxed than the city hubbub, on the coast, plenty of restaurant choice and a couple of nearby shops with all your necessities stocked. There’s also a travel agency opposite where you can book daytrips (such as our one to Balos & Gramvousa). Husband is not a fan of public transport, but honestly there is a really easy, cheap bus to catch into the centre (very regular, and just across the road), which takes about half an hour.

The hotel is a nice size – not a giant impersonal matrix filled with screaming children, but big enough that there’s always a few people around rather than eerily silent. The reception is always manned and is a useful source of information. There’s also spa facilities (we didn’t make use of these ourselves), two pools (basically a kids and an adults), a restaurant and a bar (with chess board!). There’s no real beach, but there is a lovely deck running out to sea, which you can swim from or lie on on one of the quality wooden sun loungers. It is also the perfect spot to see the sunset.

One of the greatest treasures of the hotel is the restaurant. This is currently rated #1 of 300 restaurants in Chania town! It is family run, the food was gorgeous and great value, and the service exceptional. On our first night we arrived as the restaurant was shortly due to close, yet they very happily accommodated us, and the delicious pizza we shared was made and cooked to order. Just what we needed after a day’s travel! Another night the restaurant was busy with a few large groups, so the waiter personally set up a table and chairs for us on the seaside decking – a perfect quiet, candlelit spot to watch the sunset from.

This good service was reflected across the hotel. On booking it, Husband added a note that we were there for our honeymoon – and we wouldn’t be offended if they’d like to give us an upgrade(!) While they replied to say they would provide us with their best room, we took this with a pinch of salt. However, on arriving we found ourselves with a large apartment with one of the best views of the sea, two balconies and a bunch of fresh roses! We had a living area with TV, small kitchen area with fridge and hob, and a separate bedroom and bathroom.

Overall we had a lovely stay and would highly recommend. Find the hotel here and on TripAdvisor here.




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