Life as a 20-Something in 2016

In my last post I listed a few podcasts I’ve been into lately. Well, I found a new one, Millennial. I just listened to one of their episodes and found myself relating, not to the total synopsis, but to the feelings threaded through it. Doubt. Fear. Confusion. The choice between the pragmatic and the creative.

Last night I had to sit down for a couple of hours and have a total brain detox. Sometimes the overwhelming and demanding aspects of 21st century life as a millennial can be a gradual, creeping monster. I don’t think I need to explain this any deeper – we all know it already.
On one end of the spectrum is the fear of not having our life together – the absence of a partner, children, house, career. On the other is the financial and mental stress it brings when we do. The housing market is every first buyers nightmare, the cost of a “standard” wedding is staggering, and the idea of a strictly 9 to 5 job almost laughable. And let’s not get into the wormhole of considering how you could practically afford the time or money to start a family any time in the next 15 years, manage a holiday beyond Ryanair’s European reach, or maintain a hobby that doesn’t directly benefit your CV.

Each to us is our own unique situation and anxiety, but doubtless we can all see ourselves somewhere in that mix. For us right now, we have cleared the hurdle of marriage, precariously clung to employment (in my case), and face our next financial rite of passage, buying a home. A jolly project that’s easier said than done when living in one of the most expensive areas of the UK, even with help from the gracious bank of mum and dad.
No wonder the trend of travelling to get away from these problems – what will happen when our peers happily bungee jumping and elephant riding their way through Asia come home to nest with a bank account as blank as their CV I can’t imagine. Perhaps that’s unnecessary criticism (tinged with envy). Maybe they have the right idea, clocking out of the rat race and society’s traditional way of life – one that is increasingly strained.

Like I said, I cleared my head last night. For me, that meant praying and re-reading some encouraging verses friends have given me over the few years. Writing out my prayers is my best method when my head is too foggy to string verbal sentences together.
(As a millennial, I guess using a meditation iPhone app, with a colouring book and juiced smoothie in hand would have been more appropriate).

I said a little while back that I wasn’t keen on diarised entries and personal reflection. But listening to this podcast reminded me the value in sharing our own stories. There’s enough generic advice out there. It also encouraged me to persevere with this blog. We can still pursue interests beyond our workplace, we just have to be willing to make the time.

I hope to keep sharing authentic experiences, and snippets of ideas worth thinking on, amidst my usual content.

So tell me readers – how is millennial life treating you?


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