The Best Brunch in Belfast

Did I ever tell you I lived in Belfast for two years? And I visited it every-other-month for another four years? Yes we’re pretty well acquainted. No, it’s not because I have an unhealthy obsession with Tayto crisps. The ol’ husb is Northern Irish and he only moved to England a year ago.

Anyway, the connection still runs deep, and the Land of Potatoes is still home to many family and friends, so we visit often. Although there is still a lot of Northern and (especially) Southern Ireland that I am yet to (and want to) explore, most of our long weekends in that direction are crammed with social gatherings and catch ups, of course. However, beyond the people, there are a few other things we both miss. Namely our favourite food spots (duh). For a big lunch, Boojum’s burritos. For a special dinner, Made in Belfast. For a fancy pizza, Little Wing. For a coffee and cake, Cinnamon cafe. And for a perfect brunch… French Village.

The latter is the one we always make time for. Brunch Club© the best way to start the day. By the way, the Club© bit just means doing it with friends. It works for all scenarios – Lunch Club©, Coffee Club©, Pudding Club©, Picnic Club©. This all arose from when I lived in student digs with 6 other girls. We were rarely in the house or having mealtimes at the same times, so whenever we did it came with an excited “BREAKFAST CLUB©!!” announcement. So there you go you heard it here first.

So anyway this post was meant to be about French Village. It’s a cafe, by the way, not an actual village. And it’s not just another ‘ooh pretty Parisian decor let’s all be pink and lovely’ cafe. French is after the name of the original owner. The decor is actually successfully cool, quirky, and robust. Think thick wooden tables, mixed pattern tiles, and exposed hanging light bulbs.

I should talk about the food. It’s great. You can have varieties on English breakfast (made culturally appropriate with potato bread). This is delicious. You can have scrambled eggs on wheaten bread. This is delicious. You can have a stack of pancakes. This is delicious. You can have cream cheese and bacon on a bagel. THIS. IS. DELICIOUS. (do I sound like Neil Buchanan yet?)

Let’s not forget the drinks. A choice of smoothies. Served in jam jars OBVIOUSLY (although this slightly grates on me, because, guys, this is not edgy and unusual anymore).

Of course, brunch is not all they cater for. They also do a lovely variety of cakes and savoury food. But srsly guys it’s all about Brunch.



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