Jo: mid-twenties, English, with tendencies to cook, craft, travel and read.
The Oysterville: similar, but less old.


I created The Oysterville as both a motivator and outlet for my own interests in creativity and adventure. I hope for it to fill a similar role for others – to inspire and share these interests. While these things can be seen as luxuries in a modern life, I think they are something we all want to be a part of, and make time for outside our 9-5. The definitions I use for these topics are quite broad – for me, creativity covers craft, DIY, design, literature and film (not an exhaustive list!). While the blogging world is full of aspirational travellers, I hope to be a little more down-to-earth. I am a strong believer in micro-adventures, trying anything once, and exploring the world on your doorstep, as well as taking any opportunity to enjoy a little more of the wider world.

As for a little more about me, I work in a small sustainability team of a large UK company. I live in central England, and am now learning how to be a wife. I identify as a cat owner (although currently missing a cat). I try to enjoy exercise, but rarely do unless there is a horse, surfboard, skis or similar involved. I’m equally as likely to be found doing old lady occupations such as knitting and cross-stitch.

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